Supporting Team BRIT

Who are Team BRIT?

Team BRIT are dedicated to seizing the potential of the future.

Their commitment to creating a level playing field in motorsport with new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of what their drivers can achieve is inspirational. It felt right that we partnered with Team BRIT to help them achieve their long-term goals.

Team BRIT are a competitive motor racing team. They set themselves aside from the rest of the pack by racing with drivers who are disabled. They are a competitive racing team, not a charity enterprise, and they pit themselves against non-disabled drivers in motorsport races across a number of different classes.

Team BRIT was set up as an offshoot of KartForce, whose goal is to inspire those with disabilities, PTSD and mental health issues by demonstrating what they can achieve through motorsport. 


team brit - the most inspirational team in motorsport

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What is Team BRIT’s Goal?

While Team BRIT race in various levels of motorsport, their ultimate goal is to compete in the famous Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. This is one of the most highly regarded events in motorsport and gives you an idea of how serious they are about using technological innovation to create equal opportunities for all racing drivers - even at the very top flight of racing.

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The fleet

Team BRIT boasts a fleet of specially adapted cars that allow their drivers to race. The team’s cars include:

  • Mclaren 570s GT4
  • Aston Marton V8 Vantage
  • BMW M240i
  • BMW 118i
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Technological innovation

Through world-leading technological innovation, Team BRIT have adapted their cars so they can be fully driven with racing hand controls. This puts the team of highly talented disabled drivers on an even playing field with their non-disabled counterparts.

The drivers can control the brakes, clutch, throttle and gears with hand controls adapted to advanced steering wheels, developed by Team BRIT.

Our partnership

After realising how ambitious Team BRIT are, we began our partnership in 2017, helping them on the road to achieving their long-held aims. It is our privilege to work with Team BRIT, many of whom are ex or serving military troops with serious physical and mental injuries.

Team BRIT, have been able to launch their racing academy, with our support, which seeks to successfully offer any disabled driver the opportunity to access expert tuition and coaching to enable them to gain a race licence.

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Their commitment to their goals inspires us, and we work together to share much more than our name. We felt it was only natural to sponsor Team BRIT because they embody the spirit of innovation and challenge what’s possible. This is at the heart of the culture we foster in our approach to insurance. We believe that the uncertainty of the future should never stand in the way of progress. That’s why we exist; to help people and businesses face the future and thrive.

This culture extends into all of our CSR projects, like supporting the Soweto Academy, and our partnerships with Lifestraw and ClimateCare.


* Thank you to Jakob Ebrey, Peter Markwick, Stevie Borowick, Darren Cook and Dave South for providing the Team BRIT imagery on this page.