Our Company

We care deeply about our clients’ needs, ensuring that we not only surround them with - and invest in - the best talent in the industry, but also combine the depth of our experience with the latest technology to deliver a relentless innovation agenda. Acting in open, honest partnership, our clients can be sure that with Brit by their side the future isn’t something to be feared, it’s something to be seized.

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Brit Global Specialty

The way we approach insurance challenges sets us apart.

Claims Excellence

At Brit, we don’t treat claims as a ‘process’.

writing the future


As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, our primary concern is for the health and wellbeing of our employees, broker partners, clients and their families.

We remain deeply committed to our services and our staff are able to work from home to ensure continuity. Underwriting can be managed through PPL, Whitespace and reinsurance trading platforms, and both underwriters and claims staff can be contacted by email or phone. Details are available on this website or you can download the Brit App.


2019 Annual Results

Gross written premiums US$2,293.5m

Combined ratio of 95.8%

Profit after tax of US$179.9m

Adjusted net tangible assets of US$1,150.4m 

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Our Service

Every day, we channel our entrepreneurial expertise to write the most opaque risk that the future holds, embracing the change faced by our clients by delivering a service that’s open, honest, and fair.

We are dedicated to innovation, developing client solutions, efficient capital vehicles and a technology-led service that not only lead the market, but drive the future.

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Writing The Future

Why Writing the Future?

If the future was predictable, there’d be no risk. And if change was linear, there’d be no need for experts. There’d be no need for the insurance industry.

But the truth is, our world is unpredictable. It's volatile, uncertain and subject to change.

At Brit, we believe that the uncertainty of the future should never stand in the way of progress.

We’re dedicated to developing innovative risk solutions that help people and businesses face the future and thrive.

That’s why we exist. We don’t react to the future, we write it.