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Our charitable efforts help many people far and wide; such as some of the young girls and boys who attend Soweto Academy in Kibera (one of the largest slums in Africa).

Kibera is a vast slum in the suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya. Home to approximately 400,000 people, Kibera has no running water, no waste disposal and the education system is virtually non-existent. Only two-thirds of children have access to secondary school. The situation is far worse for girls; only 5% of girls graduate since they are often victimised or forced to drop out of school.

In 2017 Brit began the journey to supporting building an environment where high school girls could be educated, feel safe and feel empowered to drive future change and better their community.

Brit employees have continued to volunteer in Kibera and have assisted in building a brand new living space for the children at the Soweto Academy. 

For many people Kibera is unknown or out of sight, so out of mind.  Seeing that level of poverty for the first time was heartbreaking.  Having the opportunity to make a small difference and meet such incredible strong, determined and inspirational young women and children was life-changing. 

Colette Risk Analyst


The most inspirational team in motorsport

We began our partnership with Team BRIT in 2017. We knew it was the perfect fit. They are a competitive motor racing team and like us, their aim is to seize the potential of the future. They’ve never looked back.

Team BRIT drivers are disabled. They race against able-bodied drivers on a level playing field. Many are ex or serving military troops with serious physical and mental injuries. The team is an offshoot of KartForce, an organisation set up to inspire people with disabilities, PTSD and mental health issues, by demonstrating what can be achieved through motorsport. 

Through TEAM BRIT, injured military personnel can achieve what they never thought possible; to compete again at the highest level, and to gain personal and professional skills through understanding the motorsport business. 

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our environmental impact

There are many futures besides your own that you will impact when you work at Brit. The Earth’s future, for one. What it will be like in centuries to come, no one knows for certain. But we can say for sure, is that we are doing our best to protect it.   

Our sustainability initiatives make a real difference. With our partner ClimateCare, we are offsetting carbon emissions generated by our employees’ air travel and bringing better cookstoves to people in Africa. Through the LifeStraw project, we’ve also brought safe drinking water to over 4 million people in Kenya. 

We’ve made changes to our own workplace too, by recycling metal and plastic to reduce landfill and reducing our food waste.

our environmental impact