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Our experienced underwriters have the ability to develop bespoke products to fit the individual needs of our clients. Brit is a recognised Lloyd’s lead market, offering extensive knowledge and significant capacity. We are flexible – and can offer many specialist products for diverse and esoteric risks.


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Importantly, we have a proven track record of working with our clients to respond to complex claims in a timely and efficient manner to contain and control losses through our experienced and dedicated Contingency claims specialists.

Our Product

Event Cancellation

All kinds of perils can impact an event: from weather to terrorism. We provide risk solutions that include cancellation, abandonment, postponement and interruption. We have paid claims for venue damage, denial of access, strikes and natural catastrophes. From small events such as weddings and fetes to major exhibitions and sporting events we provide innovative coverage and policy wording tailored to the client’s needs. We can assist insureds when the unexpected happens – and provide loss adjusters with the ability to save an event by rescheduling or relocating if practical.


The policy can cover the cast, negatives, props, sets and wardrobes. We insure a range of film productions, large and small as well as television series, documentaries, commercials and other productions.

Non Appearance

The coverage offered under a Non Appearance policy primarily insures against death, accident, illness and unavoidable travel delay of a speaker or performer. We offer cover for seminar speakers and entertainers including theatrical performances and music tours or specific dates. We also offer judicial delay and confidential contract protection coverage for the interest of promoters, organisers and artists themselves.

Prize Indemnity Fund

Prize competitions are a valuable marketing tool, attracting the target sales market and potential sponsors. Prize Indemnity insurance protects the insured against their contractual liability to award a prize in the event of a win in an insured competition. We have the expertise to insure prizes that are chance or skill-related. We write statistical prize indemnity risks where the probability of a loss can be mathematically ascertained as well as non-statistical prize indemnity.

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