Our leadership team is focused on building relationships, service and strategic thinking. We believe in the importance of local knowledge and expertise, which is why you will find our team is comprised of individuals from across the country. We are committed to growing Brit's presence in the U.S., giving our clients direct access to decision makers and promoting our values in everything we do.

  • Nicholas Davies


    Nick is President of BGS Americas, with responsibility for Brit's (re)insurance businesses in the US and Bermuda. As President, Nick oversees the various teams that underwrite on behalf of Brit Syndicates 2987 and 2988 in the US, Bermuda, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. Nick joined Brit in 1999, specializing in catastrophe risk for major global corporations and later public & non-profit insurance.

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  • Adam Finkle

    Chief Operating Officer

    Adam joined Brit in 2016 and is responsible for Legal/Compliance, Operations, IT and E-Distribution.

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  • Douglas Trainor

    Executive Vice President, Casualty

    Douglas has responsibility for the casualty division at Brit Global Specialty USA.

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  • John King

    Chief Underwriting Officer, Brit Global Specialty USA

    As Chief Underwriting Officer for BGSU John responsible for managing BGSU underwriting activities as well as fostering closer alignment in the US with underwriting peers, Brit Global Specialty, Lloyd’s and local regulators.

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  • Sean Quigley

    Senior Vice President, Finance & Underwriting Performance

    Sean is responsible for the accounting, finance, actuarial and underwriting performance elements of BGSU.

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  • Allison Burns

    Senior Vice President, BGSU Claims

    Allison joined Brit in 2016. In her current role, Allison leads the Claims team and is a member of the BGSU Executive Management Committee.

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  • Heidi Givens

    Senior Vice President, BGSU Actuarial

    Heidi joined Brit in 2017. In her current role, Heidi leads the Actuarial team in the US and is a member of the BGSU Executive Management Committee.

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  • Noreen Metcalfe

    Executive Vice President, Reinsurance

    Noreen has responsibility for reinsurance at Brit Global Specialty USA.

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