Keenly focused on delivering high quality training and education across our various niches of business our risk control offerings seek to work alongside our clients efforts to reduce risk, losses and claims.  Focusing on delivering high impact niche specific resources to our diversified portfolio via our proprietary learning management system (LMS).

Loss Control: TEAM Platform - "Train, Educate and Manage"

Our TEAM platform is a highly customizable web-based risk management system. It’s designed to provide specialized tools to effectively and efficiently manage multiple locations, train internal and external staff, communicate a consistent message entity-wide and provide support to your current risk management/loss control program. 

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We would be pleased to talk through the benefits of TEAM Platform. Contact Bradley Bohler, Senior Vice President, Client Risk Management or download the TEAM Platform brochure.


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TEAM Platform

Train online, manage property data and benchmark your results all in one place.

Add convenience to your training programs. Reduce your overall cost of training. Offer flexible training programs. Guarantee consistent content and a reliable method of teaching.

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