RPA and IA are helping Brit teams lead the way

Technologies that enhance jobs and improve services to our brokers

You might have seen a piece we recently published on our site discussing how machine learning is helping to improve underwriting and the claims process for brokers and their clients. These technologies are transformative in their scope and applications. Here at Brit, we're also using other types of automation, such as RPA and IA, to reduce admin and empower our teams to focus on tasks that add value to their role and for stakeholders.

RPA and IA, and why they are important

Before we get into the specifics of how they’re applied at Brit, let's begin with a couple of straightforward definitions of RPA and IA.

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RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is a form of business process automation that allows anyone to define a set of instructions for a robot or "bot" to perform most human-computer interactions and carry out error-free tasks at high volume and speed.

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IA (Intelligent Automation)

Intelligent automation is the combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and process automation that is used to create smart business processes and workflows that think, learn, and adapt on their own.

These might seem like abstract concepts, but they have practical, everyday applications which you might be aware of:

Invoice Processing

Businesses use RPA to create rules that send particular business invoices to the right person for immediate processing and automated PO matching. This takes the strain out of what was once a very admin-heavy task.

Improved new hire onboarding for HR

RPA can help prepare for the smooth arrival of new employees and create a frictionless onboarding process.

Document Retention and Destruction

Intelligent automation can help businesses with records management. Many different business types will have to control their records, so having this technology in place can be very cost-effective in managing the process. The application is used to automate document approval, storage, archival, and deletion.

Gathering and processing information can be intensive and admin-heavy. These applications are critical in their capability to make our working lives easier.

RPA and IA in action at Brit

Here at Brit, we continue to lead by embracing change and innovation. We use RPA & IA to stay ahead of the game across many projects that benefit our staff and brokers.

Current projects we’re rolling out involve automation of the invoice receipt process. We’ll be using RPA to teach a bot to “read” invoices and extract information which will increase efficiencies for downstream processes. We have also employed RPA and IA to improve
efficiency when processing new business documentation and to increase the speed and quality of data flow within the business.

The benefits to our teams, brokers, and their clients

We have an entire spectrum of automation in place at Brit to help make our team's lives easier. From simple automated macros in Excel, right up to machine learning that improves processing at every level of what we do.

We are open to making things better for our employees across our operations. We know the removal of arduous tasks creates a better experience for our staff as well as brokers and their clients.

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Neil Allen, our Head of Lean and Process Management, sums up our vision for continued transformation;

"Brit is thoroughly committed to digitalisation, as it enables us to focus our talented human resources to tasks that add the most value. We aim to use RPA to free people from wearisome work and help us write the best risks possible in a way that benefits our clients."

The processes we are implementing are designed to let our team focus on the tasks that are important to them. All of this allows them to be more motivated and productive, enhancing the levels of support they give to our brokers.

The future of RPA & IA at Brit

We are already looking at a future pipeline that will bring benefits to the Finance, Operations and Claims teams at Brit. Some of these ideas will deliver smaller, swifter automation that will assist specific process steps, for example, downloading documents from broker portals.

We’re always looking for talented people to join the Brit team and help put these exciting ideas into action. If the scope of innovation on display at Brit interests you, check out our careers page to see where you could find your future, today.

Hear from our people

Watch Neil Allen, Head of Process Management talking about his role at Brit and how he see the future of automation.

Hear from our people

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