Our team in Bermuda volunteers at their local Transformational Living Centre

Our team in Bermuda volunteers at their local Transformational Living Centre


Transformational Living Centre (TLC) is a purpose-built housing shelter and facility that seeks to address the growing problem of homelessness among families with children in Bermuda and therefore reduces the risk of their children being taken into care.

Led by Kent Smith the Brit team in Bermuda volunteered at TLC to help renovate their accommodation spaces. Volunteering encompassed helping to decorate and fit out housing as well as collect essential items to settle families into their new homes.

Some of the work they did included: Installing closets, painting, cleaning the floors, organising clothes and accessories.

Kent Smith, Operations Manager (Bermuda) says:

"Our community day(s) have been focused on a ‘boutique’ where clients can source clothes, shoes and accessories for themselves as well as day-to-day essentials, clothing and games for their children (all of these items have been donated by the broader community). An important element of the boutique is life skills – making the clients understand how to dress for interviews and similar occasions but also understanding the need to manage money/funds they have available to them (they do not physically pay for anything but they are taught that in the real world they will have to make such decisions).

We have converted a plain storage room into a boutique by building closets and shelves to display the items. We have also helped them sort all of the items so they can be displayed in a logical, organized fashion."

The following Brit employees participated:

  • Chris Denton
  • Alison Mitchell
  • Karl Grieves
  • Leone Charles
  • Masa Kitade
  • Kristina Maffit
  • Kent Smith
  • Fiona Woodcock