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Brit Adopts Aerial Imagery for High Tech Claims Service


Brit Ltd (“Brit”) announces a new partnership with the Geospatial Intelligence Center (“GIC”), which was created by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (“NICB”), a US not-for profit organisation.

The GIC will provide Brit with access to industry-leading aerial images to make rapid and accurate property catastrophe assessments in order to expedite claim settlements for clients when they need it most.

After a catastrophe, GIC aircraft has special access to affected areas within hours to capture high-resolution images and assess property damage. The licensing of these images to Brit will support catastrophe response efforts and claims adjusting in real-time.

Brit’s initial pilot programme utilised the GIC for the assessment of claims related to the 2018 California wildfires. Using the images, Brit was quickly able to determine losses, without any on the ground presence, and immediately identify and advance settlement to residential policyholders.

This partnership demonstrates Brit’s innovative approach to claims strategy as the team constantly searches for new ways to adjust claims that can deliver quicker and more accurate resolution for our clients. The Geo Intel platform can produce higher resolution post-event images than those offered by satellites or drones, whose ranges and scope are limited by policy, regulation, or flight times. The survey-accurate, ultra-high-resolution images are both vertical and oblique, providing Brit with top down and 45-degree views to support quicker and more accurate loss adjusting and evaluation of risk.

Sheel Sawhney, Group Head of Claims, Brit, said: “We continue to advance the way we manage claims and are committed to paying our end clients faster. Catastrophes are a high urgency, high visibility event for the market and our focus is always on the dislocated families and businesses impaired. Brit’s partnership with the GIC to help respond to catastrophes embodies our innovative approach to claims, pairing cutting edge technology with best in class service to deliver rapid resolution for impacted claimants.”