Through uncertainty comes digital creativity.
Accessing years of lead class underwriting and entrepreneurial spirit has never been easier through the Brit online portal.

With simplicity, speed and contract certainty at its core you can quote, bind, action mid-term adjustments and renewals in under two minutes.

Our service

Designed to make your life a little easier

Easy, simple quotations

  • Fast and simple quotations in minutes
  • Our cyber portal has a four-step submission that only requires name, address, turnover and record count to generate a quote. Choose from three quote options presented in real time

Referrals and Risk Appetite

  • Quick and simple online access to class-leading underwriters
  • Wide trade acceptance backed by extensive research and experience

Contract Certainty

  • Bind, mid-term adjustments and renewal functionality
  • Built-in sanctions check

Automated fulfillment

  • Policy document ready to download immediately after accepting the quote
  • Customer policy documents and invoice dispatched to the broker

Portal Products

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empowered to innovate, so you don't just survive but thrive

Martinmanion Web

Martin Manion

US E-trading Sales Manager

Martinmanion Web
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Dom Provenzano Web

Domenic Provenzano

UK E-trading Business Development Manager

Dom Provenzano Web
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empowered to innovate, so you don't just survive but thrive