Working with FinTechs and InsurTechs


Innovation is at the heart of our business so we often collaborate with FinTech and InsurTech companies to help us to achieve our goals and improve our service. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for FinTechs and InsurTechs to work with us fairly.

Here is our onboarding process:

  1. After a FinTech or InsurTech has engaged with a member of our business and an agreement has been made to work collaboratively, they will be asked to sign a mutual NDA.
  2. Once the NDA has been signed we will undertake a feasibility, viability and desirability assessment with the aim to complete this within a two week period. 
  3. If the FinTech or InsurTech is successful in this assessment they will be contacted by the Brit Procurement Team to discuss the next steps in our on-boarding process, establish a named Brit contact, gather further due diligence paperwork and to create a clear scope of work covered by an appropriate contractual agreement.
  4. If the scope of work expands, we commit to revisit the objectives and adjust the terms to reflect the progression of the project. 

Our process follows the principles of Technation’s Fintech Onboarding Pledge. Brit is proud to be a signatory to this pledge, which aims to make the onboarding of FinTechs as straightforward and simple as possible.