Respected, valued and accepted. These three words capture how we like every Brit employee to feel at work.

Our culture is one where you can be yourself. We think that if you bring your authentic self to work, then you will thrive, and we will too.

Building a diverse and inclusive culture doesn’t happen overnight though. It’s a journey that our people are part of. Take our People Forum for example. Employees can contribute to topics like race, identity, sexual orientation, belonging, disability and mental wellbeing. We encourage our people to meet across teams, share personal stories and understand different perspectives. It puts our people at the heart of shaping our inclusive workplace.

Supporting diversity initiatives such as Pride are part of our way of life here and we already have much to be proud of. Our Gender Pay Gap is similar to our peers and we actively look at ways to improve. 

Our aspiration is to encourage everyone at Brit to be conscious advocates of inclusion and diversity. It is a very real business priority of ours. Together we will make this happen.

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Wayne Page, Head of I&D

"At Brit inclusion and diversity really matters. We continuously strive and work hard to build and maintain a supportive culture in which everyone feels valued, can flourish and can bring their whole self to work.

My job is to help us grasp opportunities, identify gaps and support Brit in delivering what we’ve committed to. It’s also about keeping the organisation honest. We want I&D to be integral to our DNA, and a core part of our culture; this is a guiding principle in how I approach my role.

We already do so many great things to drive and embed I&D; part of my ambition is to help and encourage Brit to do more and shout about it. We’ve said what we’ll do and have put the structures in place, so it’s now about making it happen."

We want Brit to be a place where inclusion and diversity really matter. We may not be perfect, but we’re working hard at building a supportive culture in which everyone feels valued and can flourish. It’s a great place to work, but don’t take my word for it. Hear it from our people instead.

Shane Kingston Chief Risk Officer, Chief Actuary and I&D Committee Member


Aasaa O'Mallo

shares her experience being a Lead Champion.

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Jourden Langhorn

explains why awareness – and management – of mental health at work is so important.

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Siobhan Hayden

shares what Pride means to her.

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Russell Kennedy

shares his thoughts on supporting carers and communication between people at different levels.

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Andrew Taylor

shares his thoughts on widening our recruitment pool

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Our vision

Four pillars which represent our vision for I&D at Brit

  • Our colleagues consider us to be a progressive organisation which demonstrates its commitment to inclusion and diversity both across the business and in our sector.
  • We have a robust recruitment process to ensure we attract and recruit the best talent from a diverse talent pool and we make sure candidates are given an equitable playing field regardless of their identity or characteristic.
  • We are an organisation that accepts, recognises, encourages, celebrates and promotes diversity in all its forms and adopts a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discriminatory and non-inclusive behaviour.
  • Our leadership and management populations act as role models and allies, actively raising awareness, challenging prejudice and demonstrating best practice approach regarding inclusion and diversity at Brit.

Our vision

Brit People Forum Employee Groups

Race & Belonging

a forum to drive racial inclusivity at Brit, so that people of all races, ethnicities and cultures can feel that they belong. 

Mental health and wellbeing

a forum to address mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing at Brit, helping our people to flourish.

LGBTQI+ and trans experiences

a forum to support LGBTQI+ colleagues and create a more inclusive and accepting environment at Brit where everyone can be themselves.

The multigenerational workplace

a forum to support colleagues of any age to feel included and accepted at Brit, regardless of the generation to which they belong.

Gender equality and inclusion

a forum to drive greater gender equality at Brit, in particular supporting the personal and professional development of women and non-binary colleagues.

Neurodiversity, Visible and Non-Visible disabilities

a forum to drive an inclusive approach to neurodiversity, visible and non-visible disabilities and long-term health conditions, regardless of whether they are visible to an observer.


This is space where everyone’s beliefs will be respected, celebrated and embraced, and where faith unites us in our common humanity. We are using this forum to enhance our knowledge and foster mutual respect and acceptance.

Our Partnerships

SEO London

SEO London support school leavers and students from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds

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a careers platform which connects jobseekers with employers that prioritise diversity, inclusion and wellbeing

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African Caribbean Insurance Network

Boosting black and minority ethnic representation within the insurance industry

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Business Disability Forum

Supporting people with visible and non-visible disabilities.

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Business in the Community

Brit's partnership with Business in the Community.

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