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Discover the dynamism of our adaptable & diverse risk team.

Are you a proactive and curious individual looking for an exhilarating career in risk management? Our risk team at Brit are a vibrant and agile group that operates at the cutting edge of the insurance industry.

As part of our team, you'll tackle intricate challenges, devise inventive strategies, and explore fresh prospects to empower our clients to better manage the risks we face. We provide an environment that fosters growth, support, and inclusivity, offering you exciting and rewarding opportunities to advance your career. Join our risk team at Brit today and uncover our reputation as one of the industry's finest.


types of roles

Types of Risk roles available?

Our risk department has a variety of roles within the team, all as important to the success of the business as the other. Here are some examples of the different types of risk roles we have available and their responsibilities:


Risk Aggregation:

  • Catastrophe Modelling - Working closely with colleagues in underwriting and actuarial to understand and price individual risks.
  • Exposure management - Quantifying the overall risk the company faces from underwriting and make sure this is understood and communicated to senior stakeholders and regulators and ultimately managed.
  • Research and development - Working on our understanding of risk and the integration of new tools and systems into the business.

Capital modelling:

  • Assessing the amount of capital, the company needs to protect policyholders against losses. This involves building simulation models of the company and is highly technical.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM):

  • Responsible for management of all financial risks to Brit including underwriting, investment and credit risks.
  • Key areas of work include setting risk appetites, carrying out scenario analysis, identifying and assessing emerging risks such as climate change, communicating on risk to Execs and the Board, and validation of the internal model.

Operational risk:

  • Responsible for management of operational risk, including the risk register and investigating risk events.

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types of roles


Educational and experience requirements for a junior Risk Role

We have junior risk roles available that would be suitable for applicants with varied experience. Our team is currently made up of employees with different educational backgrounds for example; geography, meteorology, mathematics, physics, computer science and economics.

As well as different levels of education ranging from school leavers through to PHD. We’re open to hearing from candidates who are willing to work hard and learn from more experienced team members. Who are willing to take on advice to improve their own knowledge and skills, and ultimately help lead to the success of the team and wider company.


Essential skills for a member of the Brit Risk team

Our risk team is made up of a range of roles, all requiring slightly different expertise and skills. Although there are some must-haves for specific roles, there are essential skills we expect all our team members to have to some degree.

  • A solid foundation / comfort working with numbers is important to help quantify risk.
  • Ability to deal with and embrace ambiguity and change due to the ever-evolving world we work in (whether it be around climate change or cyber risk).
  • Curiosity to continue to develop your own understanding of the various industries we work in.
  • Communication skills and a positive attitude is vital to improve collaboration across the team ability.

Not all skills are required for every role within our department, for more specific roles there will be some additional skills that may be required. Certain roles (particularly capital modelling) are highly technical and typically suit those with a background in mathematical or related subjects. We also have more senior roles that would require the ability to think strategically and communicate with Execs or the Board.


Day in the life

A day in the life of a Risk team member

The role you have within the risk department will determine what your day-to-day activities might look like, as a part of the Brit Insurance risk team here are some tasks you may find yourself working on during your day-to-day;

  • Working with an Underwriter to understand exposure to natural catastrophes using sophisticated models.
  • Trying to quantify our exposure to an AWS outage.
  • Developing a model to quantify exposure to scenarios such as climate change related catastrophes or a financial crisis.
  • Writing code to build a new module of the capital model.
  • Speaking to departments across the business to understand the risks they’re exposed to and help them manage them.
  • Explaining the results of your work to Execs or the Board.

Every member of our risk team is important and each of their day-to-day activities will play a vital part in the team’s success, no matter how small.

Day in the life


What do our current Risk team think?

Discover what our employees have to say about working in our Risk department:


Our work encompasses all aspects of Brit’s business, and no two days are the same. There are a huge variety of different roles and skill-sets within the department, from specialist mathematical modelling to building relationships with every team. We gain insights into parts of the business that you’d never expect or see from a user’s perspective. What’s more, the unique nature of so much of Brit’s activity – Ki for example – adds an extra dimension to our work. That’s in addition to other new aspects of the function, such as the business continuity implications of increased remote working. We’re driving a real risk culture here; colleagues know who we are, what we do – and that we’re here to help.

Adrian Bartliff Head of Enterprise Risk Management and Analytics

Watch this video of our Risk team talking about their roles and what they love about working at Brit.

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Why join Brit insurance?

We prioritise building a workplace culture that celebrates inclusion and diversity, particularly within our esteemed risk team. We strongly believe in providing equal opportunities for all individuals to thrive and are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment
that encourages growth and innovation. Here are some of the compelling reasons to consider joining our team:

  • Collaborate with teams who are passionate about what they do.
  • Contribute directly to the success of our business.
  • Broaden your expertise across a wide range of risk disciplines.
  • Gain access to ongoing professional development and dedicated support.
  • Thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
  • Be part of a company that embraces unique perspectives and backgrounds

Whether you’re a seasoned risk management expert or embarking on a new career path, our risk team offers a diverse array of opportunities for personal and professional growth. To learn more about the reasons to consider joining our team, please visit our 'Why Brit?' page.

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We highly value inclusivity and diversity and actively encourage candidates from various backgrounds and experiences to apply, especially those interested in pursuing a rewarding career in risk management. We invite you to explore our available positions or get in touch with us to learn more about the exciting opportunities we’ve in store.

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