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Our underwriting business area is divided into six divisions: Property, Financial/Professional, Specialty, Facilities, Casualty Treaty and Property Treaty. Our portfolio of classes is diverse. As a Lloyd's Syndicate and respected market leader, we write some of the largest, most unusual and complex risks in the industry.

"It’s a fascinating role. Our clients are extremely varied and complex; everything from architects and engineers to conservationists and professional associations. We value relationships with our Brokers and Clients and these often develop into long-term relationships.

What sets us apart at Brit, is that people are always open to new ideas. When I first joined the underwriting team, I was looking for a way to speed-up reporting which in turn helped underwriting performance. I discussed this idea with a colleague within the Operations team and together created a solution. We presented it to Underwriting leadership and won a Brit Achievement Award; and it became a solution the whole division could use.

Operating within a small underwriting team, we believe efficiency is key. We’re always looking for opportunities to work with different areas of the business to make improvements. People at Brit are very receptive to change. It's an innovative culture, but supportive too.

At Brit you are given the encouragement to go and explore, see what you can do, work together.
I think that’s so important.”

Gilley Sanjay 8664


Sanjay Gilley


Our claims team are at the heart of our service to our clients - helping people get back on their feet if the worst happens.

“I’m one of the fairly rare people who moved to Underwriting and then moved back to Claims and since being at Brit I've worked in different claims roles so I walk the walk in how we allow people to move laterally around the business. It’s been wonderful, because I’ve learned about a huge variety of different products.

It’s a very nice atmosphere at Brit; genuinely Claims and Underwriters work together. We’re viewed equally well and highly within the business. Having worked on both sides of the fence - Claims and Underwriting - I wouldn’t work for an organisation where that wasn’t the case.

I believe we make a difference.  As one client put it to me, Claims is where the rubber hits the road. And it does hit the road. Sometimes it can be fast-paced, it can be uncomfortable, but it’s challenging intellectually and occasionally emotionally. But we work with such a broad spectrum of people. There’s so much variety and opportunity in claims.”

Marie Hill, Group Head of Claims


Marie Hill

Variety and opportunity in claims


Our Actuarial Team empower underwriters to make better, data-driven decisions.

“We’re a tight-knit, flexible group and our work involves a wide range of tasks: from the straightforward to the complex. We’re a team of experts – and every new joiner brings a fresh perspective, so we’re constantly adjusting and refining the way we work. Our regular ‘lunch and learn’ sessions broaden our knowledge base and help us share ideas. We interact closely with most parts of the business; especially the underwriting and claims teams. We collate a huge amount of data, analysing Brit’s portfolios and helping our underwriters understand their clients, as well as the environment they’re in so we can define – and refine – our strategy.”


Langridge Ben 3773

Head of Actuarial Analytics - Portfolio & Coverholder

Ben Langridge

Data, Analytics and Outwards Reinsurance

This area of the business includes: Business Insight, Data Governance, Analytics and Data Science, and Outwards Reinsurance teams.

“Working in data analytics gives me the opportunity to make a real impact here. We add value to the whole organisation – this area’s a real differentiator for Brit. Our executive committee are totally engaged; they have a genuine understanding of the importance of – and an appetite for – investment in data and the associated infrastructure. Every time we hire a new member for the team, their expertise and approach enhances the way we do things. The ‘squad’ approach means our workgroups are genuinely collaborative – whatever task we’re working on.”

Joe Berry, Head of Analytics

Data, Analytics and Outwards Reinsurance

Joe Berry

Adding value to the whole organisation


The finance team are responsible for the Brit Group’s financial report and management accountancy disciplines. They’re also in charge of our investment strategy, treasury and banking, corporate development, counterparty security and tax.

“My role at Brit encompasses being responsible for Brit’s tax affairs which covers both UK and overseas, corporate taxes, income taxes, VAT / GST, withholding taxes and premium taxes. I’ve worked in insurance tax for my whole career, more recently working for the Corporation of Lloyd’s.

What brought me to Brit was the chance to work on a variety of innovative business initiatives that would challenge and push me and to be able to do that with a supportive group of people and environment.  The Finance team at Brit are extremely collaborative and has a really strong sense of responsibility and ownership. 

There is plenty going on at Brit and It’s been interesting as I joined at a time when we are developing our new ways of working. It’s been great to see how our teams have continued collaborating to ensure the culture is maintained despite the periods of working from home. It’s been really refreshing to see how everyone comes together to support one another to get the job done. It's a great motivator.

Working in tax means that I get to work with a very wide variety of areas of the business – finance, legal, capital, treasury, actuarial, underwriting and HR to name a few!  For me it’s the best part of my job as I get to find out how different areas of the business work and meet lots of new people which gives me a really unique perspective on the business.”


Aarti Video Poster

An opportunity to do some really cutting edge and complex work


The Operations team's responsibilities are fundamental to effective underwriting and service to our partners. This includes: Underwriting Operations, Outwards Reinsurance Operations, Delegated Underwriting, as well as Procurement, Credit Control and Transformation/Process Improvement. 

"As the “engine room” that keeps the “boat” of underwriting moving forwards, Operations is an important part of the business. It’s a really exciting department to work in, with lots of friendly, engaged and helpful subject matter experts. They’re not only happy and willing to get the job done, but also take the time to look at what needs improving so we can constantly get better at what we do. The more efficient we are, the smoother the boat runs. To help with this we have the Transformation/Process Improvement team who look to use Lean, Power Platform and other types of automation to take away manual or inefficient processes. This allows our colleagues to focus on the more complex tasks, and servicing our customers (both internal and external). It’s a very exciting time to be in the company.”


Dawkins Emily 9039Web

Operational Excellence Specialist

Emily Dawkins

Human Resources

The Human Resources business area is responsible for supporting all of Brit's employees globally and include Business Partnering, Compensation and Benefits, Recruitment and Learning & Development teams.

"I lead the HR business partners and recruitment teams. Together we oversee every step of people’s career journeys. We cover everything from initial recruitment and onboarding to promotions and life events, all the way through to when someone leaves. We’re also heavily focused on forward-looking initiatives too. We’re looking at the workforce of the future, developments in employment legislation, as well as making sure our policies and processes are best in class so we can attract and retain the best people. This ever-changing landscape is what makes the role so exciting for me.

Looking across the organisation, every team takes a huge amount of pride in their contribution to our overall success. They also really enjoy what they do and it’s this combination that really sets us apart. Brit doesn’t just react. It’s actively writing the future – I really love that."

Human Resources

Akibu Louise 3531 Web

Human Resources Director

Louise Akibu

Technology & Data

Technology & Data at Brit has dramatically changed in recent years with the focus moving into the cloud and to programmes involving artificial intelligence and automation. Our Technology & Data services, support, infrastructure and security teams firmly keep our feet on the ground and at the forefront of protecting our business.

“The great thing about Technology & Data at Brit is that it never stands still. I’ve been here ten years and Brit has always been well ahead of the market. For example, when lockdown came along, we rolled out home working in 24 hours. As we’ve gone into the cloud, there’s not so much to manage physically – it’s less about data centres these days and more about automation, AI, scripting … and generally being more agile. Bringing in new, wider skillsets helps us progress faster with new technology and means we are quicker at identifying risk.”

Technology & Data

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Modern Desktop Lead Engineer

Arshad Jugon

Bill Hapiuk

Providing solutions collaboratively, cooperatively and creatively

Marketing & Communications

In recent years our marketing team has expanded and is now supporting several brands globally. Working on everything from supporting our HR team in attracting new candidates to Brit, to highlighting how our technology and data teams are using advanced technology to accelerate the claims process.

"I joined Brit in January 2004 as an Underwriting Assistant. As the business has changed I’ve moved around with it. I’ve had roles in Underwriting Admin, Business Support, Business Change, Internal Communications and for the last 11 years, in Marketing. I’ve seen the business grow and develop dramatically in the last 18 years I've been here, but I’m committed to Brit because despite significant change, it’s stayed the same; a fascinating, welcoming, opportunity-filled and supportive place to work.

At Brit, our people take ownership of their roles and I believe that our strong employee engagement comes directly from that sense of ownership. Our colleagues care deeply about the job they do and they are proud of it. Our Marketing & Communications Team work alongside our business partners to help people understand the importance of their individual roles, how they fit into the broader business purpose and how that purpose supports their careers, our clients’ businesses and society.

The variety is incredible and every day is different. It’s a lot of fun and we’re always discovering something new about Brit."

Marketing & Communications

Kerry G0715 Low Res

Head of Marketing

Kerry Billings


Risk is the very nature of our business and underpins everything we do at Brit. The team’s responsibilities include identifying and proposing strategies to manage risk, as well as modelling our catastrophe exposure and capital requirements.

"Our work encompasses all aspects of Brit’s business, and no two days are the same. There are a huge variety of different roles and skill-sets within the department, from specialist mathematical modelling to building relationships with every team. We gain insights into parts of the business that you’d never expect or see from a user’s perspective. What’s more, the unique nature of so much of Brit’s activity – Ki for example – adds an extra dimension to our work. That’s in addition to other new aspects of the function, such as the business continuity implications of increased remote working. We’re driving a real risk culture here; colleagues know who we are, what we do – and that we’re here to help."


Bartlift Adrian 4306

Head of Enterprise Risk Management and Analytics

Adrian Bartliff