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Helpful tips when applying

We have put together the following tips, so you can make the most out of your application.  We hope these help:


1. Personal Details

Please make sure you include your name, contact number and email address on your application, along with your employment history, and education history.  This is so we can contact you about the role after you apply.  You do not need to include any other personal information at this stage, and our preference is that you refrain from doing so as we want to minimise any unconscious biases during the recruitment process.


2. Personal Profile

In a few sentences, please let us know what kind of work you have done in previous roles, and what you’re looking for in your new role.  This is a great opportunity to let us know what type of team you would like to join or if you have any requirements around working hours.


3. Employment History

It's great for us to understand where you have worked previously so that we can see all the skills and experience you have gained.  Listing your employers in reverse chronological order means that we can see your most recent, and relatable experience first.

Please remember to include key information such as the Employer Name, your Job Title and the Dates you worked there.


4. Education

Professional Qualifications and School/University records show us where you are on your career journey and can allow us to see what we would need to support you with if you are successful and have joined the business.

Similarly to your Employment History, please provide your Education details in reverse chronological order. 


5. Highlight key experience

If you have a particular skill or experience that is relevant for the role you are applying for, please add that to your Personal Profile or highlight it on your CV. 

Helpful tips when applying