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Specialist Liability

Our experienced Specialist Liability team underwrites employers’ liability, public liability and products liability business across a broad range of industry sectors.

Specialist Liability

Tom Hillier

Managing Director - Specialty

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Our Product

Employers’ Liability

This covers the client against legal liability for damages and claimant’s costs for injury sustained by an employee while at work. Cover can be extended to include unsatisfied court judgements, Health and Safety at Work Act legal defence costs and compensation for court attendance.

Public Liability

We cover legal liability for damages and costs in respect of injury sustained by any person as well as damage to property and nuisance in connection with their business activities. Numerous coverage extensions are available.

Products Liability

We provide coverage for legal liability for damages and costs in respect of injury sustained by any person and damage to property caused by any product. Cover extends to include:

  • Consumer Protection Act legal defence costs
  • Food Safety Act legal defence costs
  • Pollution or contamination up to £2m in the aggregate
  • Health and Safety at Work Act legal defence costs
  • Compensation for court attendance

In addition to other less common covers such as product guarantee or recall or non-conventional programmes, the following risks may also be considered, subject to full underwriting information:

  • Project Construction (up to 5 years)
  • Aircrews
  • Chemicals including agrochemicals
  • Explosives/pyrotechnics
  • Leisure risks presenting a very high risk of personal injury
  • Products liability for motor parts (critical parts only)
  • Motor sports
  • Multinationals and overseas domiciled risks
  • Offshore contractors
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Railways
  • Security services
  • Clinical trials

Environmental Impairment Liability

We provide cover for legal liability, regulatory enforced remediation and environmental damage resulting from the insured’s business whether as a result of a sudden and accidental or a gradual pollution event. Coverage can extended to include remediation of own premises where required by the appropriate regulatory authority.

Our Capacity

Capacity:  US$40m


Tom Hillier

Managing Director - Specialty

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Graeme Ivory

Class Underwriter Specialist Liability

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Conor Murphy


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Kayleigh Towers

Underwrting Assistant

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Ian Jones

Senior Complex Claims Manager

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Richard Smith

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Nicola Webb

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Daniel Goddard

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Marko Ninkovic

Head of Claims Specialty

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