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Financial Institutions

Our team of Financial Institutions underwriters has over 50 years’ combined relevant experience. We are recognised leaders in the standard financial institutions insurance lines and clients range from small family businesses to global financial institutions.

Financial Institutions

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Our product

We have clients in nearly 72 different countries, with each of our underwriters being recognised leaders in a specific region and class. Our underwriting team speak a number of languages.

We have a suite of exclusive specialist products and can tailor bespoke coverage to match an individual client’s risk or capital requirements. We are able to offer terms on a Primary and Excess basis.

Our financial institutions insurance typically covers institutions against crime, professional indemnity and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability exposures. Institutions covered include retail and investment banks, asset managers, stockbrokers, stock exchanges and insurance companies. We also offer commercial crime coverage covering employee and third party fraud for non-financial organisations.


Our first party policy covers the insured against employee infidelity, physical loss or theft of valuable property on premises or in transit and the third party theft of funds via forgery or falsification of certain types of documentation.

Computer Crime

Available to financial and commercial entities, our first party policy covers the insured against third parties misappropriating funds via the insured’s computer systems.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Our policy covers Directors and Officers of the insured for claims made against them arising from a wrongful act in their capacity as Directors and Officers. Coverage can also incorporate reimbursement of the entity for any costs they have agreed to indemnify the Directors and Officers for.

Professional Indemnity

Our policy covers the insured for claims made against them for negligent handling of a client’s business. We offer this cover to a wide range of financial institutions and in many territories can provide it on a civil liability basis. The policy can be purchased for an entire business or for a business unit or territory.

Our capacity

Our maximum available capacity is USD25m


Benedetta del Balzo

Class Underwriter

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Ben Phillips

Class Underwriter

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Patrick Mitchell


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Janet M Henderson

Group Executive Underwriter

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James Manners-Wood

Head of Claims Financial Professional

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David Gillis

Claims Manager

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Daniel Cooksley

Claims Adjuster

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Aaron Kim

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Gary Mann

Senior Claims Adjuster

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