Cyber & Technology

Advances in technology are creating new business opportunities – and new business risks – at an unprecedented pace.  At Brit, we provide our small to mid-sized clients with solutions to these new risks so they can fully embrace the opportunities technology offers them.

We start with policies that fit today’s  businesses with features like automatic coverage for business income loss from network disruptions to cloud providers.  We also provide  Brit Data Safe which includes regularly updated risk and compliance materials, online courses that can be assigned to employees and unlimited, confidential  phone and email consultation.  In the event of a breach or network disruption, our clients have access to a 24x7  reporting hotline and a network of tried and tested legal, forensics and service experts to manage the response.  


24/7 claim reporting hotline

Brit Data Safe – it’s more than a portal:

  • Virtual CISOTM – unlimited, confidential phone and email support from privacy and security risk experts on topics like:
  • Risks to manage when moving to cloud based services Implementing or updating your breach response plan
  • Based on our self-assessment, what should our next steps be to strengthen our data security?
  • Training, compliance and education resources for you and your employees
  • Policy templates

Regular articles and webinars on emerging risks

Access to preferred breach response vendors with a proven track record of resolving breaches

Mutual choice of attorneys and breach vendors

Experienced underwriters with the authority and flexibility to precisely meet our clients’ needs.


  • Full limit first and third party security and privacy coverage including regulatory claims
  • Privacy coverage extends to violations of your written, outward facing privacy policy.
  • Affirmative cover for cyber terrorism
  • Coverage for PCI-DSS Assessments
  • Available sub-limit for Cyber-Theft of funds, service credits or tangible goods by a non-employee.
  • Business Income coverage for your network disruptions (defined as a failure, interruption or
  • degradation of the operation of your computer system) and those involving your cloud providers
  • Media liability coverage extending to material posted on your behalf on third party sites and networks
  • Knowledge and notice provisions apply to a defined Control Group
  • Ability to make policy primary over separate
  • professional liability policies that might be triggered by a cyber-attack or privacy breach
  • Excess coverage also available

Classes generally considered

  • Financial Institutions & Financial Services
  • Healthcare Providers & Vendors
  • K-12 Education
  • Manufacturing & Wholesale
  • Professional Service Firms including Accountants, Architects & Engineers, Attorneys, Business Process Outsourcing, Consultants, Real Estate
  • Public Entities
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Utilities

Nobody wants to think they are going to experience a breach. But when they have one it’s like a home invasion, personal and violating. Throughout the disruption the custom insurance solutions provided by Brit will secure the road to recovery.

Jeffrey Norton - Senior Vice President