Designed for the Technology Professional with comprehensive Data Privacy & Security, Media & Digital Assets coverage, our Cyber Technology E&O is created for the technology specialist.

Our Cyber Technology E&O product is designed to meet the specific needs of technology professionals in relation to cyber security.

Key Coverage

Professional liability coverage applies to your professional services and technology products:

    • Affirmative professional liability coverage for expenses to mitigate a potential claim.
    • Knowledge and notice provisions apply to a defined Control Group
    • Full limit first and third party security and privacy coverage including regulatory claims 
    • Privacy coverage extends to violations of your written, outward facing privacy policy
    • Affirmative cover for cyber terrorism
    • Coverage for PCI-DSS Assessments
    • Business Income coverage for your network disruptions (defined as a failure, interruption or degradation of the operation of your computer system) and those involving your cloud providers
    • Media liability online and offline coverage extending to material posted on your behalf on third party sites and networks
    • Cyber extortion at full limit

Excess coverage is also available:

Limits up to $10,000,000

Minimum Retention $1,000

Minimum Premium $1,000

Our Team

empowered to innovate, so you don't just survive but thrive

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Jeffrey Norton

Senior Vice President, Cyber & Technology

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empowered to innovate, so you don't just survive but thrive

Nobody wants to think they are going to experience a cyber breach. But when they have one it's like a home invasion, personal and violating. Throughout the disruption the custom insurance solutions provided by Brit will secure the road to recovery. 

Jeffrey Norton Senior Vice President