Hear from Rory

Brit is a very inclusive and friendly place to work. There is a culture of helping new joiners as much as possible which is particularly useful for those starting work for the first time having left university or school.

I worked alongside a group of very talented people who emphasise that credit is always given to those who perform well. There is a sense of community about Brit, and people enjoy socialising with one another. The company holds various after work events throughout the year.

I have worked across varied classes of business including the Financial Institutions team. They protect the world’s major banks, asset management companies and other financial businesses from liability losses made against their directors and officers or losses stemming from internal criminal acts or professional negligence against their customers.



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My first rotation on Brit’s graduate scheme was in Property Treaty, a team that reinsures other insurance companies against catastrophic losses from major events, such as hurricanes in Florida, wildfires in California and typhoons in Japan.

During my time in healthcare liability, I worked on the data from some of the biggest claims the market had experienced over a period of five years and coded it so that we were able to spot developing trends. This project went towards a publication called ‘finger on the pulse.’ It was a report demonstrating the types of cases that produce the largest claims as well as analysing the market by state jurisdiction in the US, as well as the rise of social inflation.

As an underwriting graduate, working in the dynamic Lloyd’s of London market is a unique experience. Listening to face-to-face conversations between brokers and underwriters allowed me to develop my knowledge effectively. I have also been studying for my ACII which is the main insurance qualification in the London market. Brit highly encourages people to take part in various courses offered by the Lloyd’s Market Association or alternatively attend lectures and market updates in the Lloyd’s library.

Now I am assistant underwriter in Brit's Energy team, I work in a very technical and underwriting-heavy class of business, handling accounts with extremely high values. I have been involved in developing the energy portfolio in the renewable business space. We have been able to transfer our existing expertise into this market, it has been exciting to learn about this cutting edge and ever evolving technology, as well as the risks associated with it. Supporting our clients as they tackle the challenge of energy transition has been a fascinating experience.