Hear from Jodie

The jump between finishing university and starting work can be very daunting, after a week at Brit I soon realised the inclusive and supportive nature helped me to settle down into a working life.

Working alongside seasoned and talented individuals helped me to feel confident that this was the right place to develop my career. Brit’s culture encourages everyone to be creative inspiring new joiners like myself to be innovative within day-to-day activities and beyond.

My graduate scheme has allowed me to work across varied classes of business. My first rotation on Brit’s graduate scheme was in Programmes and Facilities, a team that encompasses many smaller niche classes. One of the team I sat in was Contingency, a team that provides protection in the case of cancellation for events held across the globe. The product works to reimburse clients for their costs and expenses incurred, or loss of profit as a result of the unforeseeable abandonment, postponement, interruption or cancelation of the event.  Some well-known and monumental events created a chain of event cancellation claims which were unique to the insurance industry at the time. Brit ‘s innovative personality allowed us to tackle these claims during these unprecedented times.  So, it was both interesting and challenging having first-hand experience in that team during the peak of Covid.  I also worked in teams such as Marine, Political Risk and North American Property, which are entirely different books of business with their own nuances and fascinations.

Agency Parallax

Colleagues will go out of their way to schedule introductory meetings, insight sessions or just general catch up’s which really made me feel welcomed and a part of the community.