• Location London
  • Job Function Underwriting Data Excellence Manager
  • Posted 09 May 2022
  • Employment Type Permanent

Purpose of the job:

The job holder will have accountability for all aspects of data entry within the Underwriting Operations service model and will provide management oversight of the outsourced Technical Processing Unit.  This will encompass ownership of data entry procedures and protocols across all aspects of Brit Insurance alongside investigation, resolution and remediation of data entry issues.

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Our underwriting business area is divided into six divisions: Property, Financial/Professional, Specialty, Facilities, Casualty Treaty and Property Treaty. Our portfolio of classes is diverse. As a Lloyd's Syndicate and respected market leader, we write some of the largest, most unusual and complex risks in the industry.

"I joined Brit in the Wordings and Broker Support functions. I then moved into Delegated Authorities which included analysis of binding authority contracts and business plans. My skills were recognised as an asset to the Small North American Professional Liability long-tail team so I made the move. Our other team member came from a broking background so between us we understand our clients' world and we can navigate the delegated authorities space to provide a slick and efficient service.

It’s a fascinating role. Our clients are extremely varied and complex; everything from architects and engineers to conservationists and professional associations. We value relationships with our Brokers and Clients and these often develop into long-term relationships.

What sets us apart at Brit, is that people are always open to new ideas. When I first joined the underwriting team, I was looking for a way to speed-up reporting which in turn helped underwriting performance. I discussed this idea with a colleague within the Operations team and together created a solution. We presented it to Underwriting leadership and won a Brit Achievement Award; and it became a solution the whole division could use.

Operating within a small underwriting team, we believe efficiency is key. We’re always looking for opportunities to work with different areas of the business to make improvements. People at Brit are very receptive to change. It's an innovative culture, but supportive too.

At Brit you are given the encouragement to go and explore, see what you can do, work together.
I think that’s so important.”


Gilley Sanjay 8664


Sanjay Gilley

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