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War & Terrorism

We have an established profile in the London market as an insurer and reinsurer of War and Terrorism risks worldwide. Our highly qualified underwriting team uses specialist political risk forecasters to deliver competitive advantage to our account and valuable insight for our clients.

War & Terrorism

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Our Product


We offer coverage for standalone terrorism risks worldwide, providing commercial and industrial clients with protection against physical damage and business interruption losses from terrorist attack. In certain cases we also offer coverage for third party liability and employers’ liability as a result of loss from a terrorist attack.

Coverage can also be extended to include political violence perils including strikes, riots and civil commotion, malicious damage, insurrection, revolution, rebellion, mutiny, civil war and war, which has had greater take-up in recent years.

We use expert political risk forecasters to assess the characteristics of individual risks as well as our whole portfolio within a constantly evolving geopolitical global environment. We also use sophisticated actuarial techniques to value and price risk.

This process is complemented by a rigorous approach to risk aggregation and mapping where we use deterministic and holistic analysis to rigidly monitor maximum exposures.

Aviation War

With the threat of global aviation terrorism still very real, our established Aviation Hull War account offers the world’s airlines coverage against terrorist attack, sabotage, hijacking and confiscation. In addition, our Aviation War Liability (Excess 52) coverage provides airlines and ground operators with third party legal liability protection from war risks, in excess of the limited capacity written back by the aviation hull and liabilities market.

Our Capacity

We can offer up to US $205m of available capacity


Russell Kennedy

Managing Director - Property

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James Nevitt

Class Underwriter

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Underwriting Assistant

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Martin Thomas

Claims Manager

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Senior Claims Adjuster

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Head of Claims Global Property and Delegated Authority

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Claims Manager – Aviation

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