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Property Facilities

Our North American binding authority business is underwritten and managed by a team of specialist underwriters who write the business through carefully selected coverholders and Lloyd’s brokers

Property Facilities

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Divisional Director

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Our local coverholder relationships enable us to efficiently provide long term capacity for risks that would not otherwise make it to Lloyd’s.

Our Product

Property Financial

We specialise in providing coverage for financial institutions, loan servicers and property investors. This includes Lender Placed Hazard and Flood protection, covering property collateralised for mortgages where post loan closing insurance has lapsed, cancelled or non-renewed.

Where a financial institution forecloses on a property following loan delinquency or an investor purchases a portfolio of properties, it can be covered under a Real Estate Owned (REO) policy. We also offer Mortgage Impairment coverage, which protects a financial institution’s owned and serviced loan portfolio against physical loss or damage where no other insurance exists and the loan is in default.

Commercial & Residential

Our long established portfolio insures dwellings and homeowners as well as a variety of commercial risks throughout North America, including the Gulf and Atlantic coast territories.

We write primary and secondary dwellings on ISO forms and provide ISO basic, broad and special perils coverage for our commercial insureds. We can also insure separately the perils of flood and earthquake for our residential and commercial clients.

High Value Homeowners

Our underwriters have lead market expertise in high value or high risk personal lines exposures focusing on North America and the Caribbean. We provide underwriting solutions to individuals, trusts or corporations owning or occupying high value or unusual residential dwellings or condominiums. This includes primary, secondary, seasonal, rental, vacant and under construction or renovation. Our competitively priced HomeGuard product offers five levels of protection – graduating from ‘standard’ to ‘exceptional’, cover can be tailored to a client’s precise requirements.

Commercial General Liability

We write premises risk exposures, but can include Artisan Contractors, Truckers’ General Liability, Non-trucking Liability and Automobile Liability.

Motor Truck Cargo/Auto Physical Damage

Our portfolio is focused on a limited number of specialist transportation brokers and agents. Coverage is offered in both the USA and Canada. We specialise in writing small fleets and owner operators.


We offer Primary and Excess Flood solutions for Residential, Condominium and Commercial and Commercial risks throughout the USA. Optional Loss of Rents and Business Interruption cover is also available.

Our Capacity

Our maximum available capacity is as follows:

  • Property Financial: US $13m
  • Commercial: US $10m
  • Residential: US $4m
  • High Value Homeowners $28m
  • CGL: US $1m per occurrence / US $5m in the aggregate
  • MTC / APD: US $500k / US $1m
  • Flood US $ 5m


Sarah Mendola

Divisional Director - Property Facilities

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Nikolas Black

Delegated Underwriting Performance Director

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Mark Hamilton

Class Underwriter

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Jonathan Nunes-Carvalho

Class Underwriter

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Nick Watson

Class Underwriter

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David Perkins

Class Underwriter

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David Shedden


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Matthew Riley


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Sarah Purcell


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Lisa Tressider


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James Moore

Underwriting Assistant

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Natasha Vane Nayyar

Underwriter - Commercial Binders

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Martin Thomas

Claims Manager

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Alan Trownson

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Mike Barry

Head of Claims Global Property and Delegated Authority

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Robert Bird

Claims Manager, Property Facilities

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Bradley Skingle

Claims Adjuster

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Connor Jarrold

Claims Adjuster

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Mitchell Cole

Claims Adjuster

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Kieron Giddons

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Paul Bender

Claims Specialist

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