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Political & Credit Risk

With more than 25 years' experience in this specialist insurance sector, our senior underwriting team offers an in-depth, dedicated service to cover political and credit risk.

Political & Credit Risk

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Building on our solid track record in political and credit risk underwriting, we cover financial losses as a result of non-payment or performance of counter-parties and, confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, deprivation, sequestration or forced abandonment of fixed and mobile assets in foreign countries.

Our underwriters are integrally supported by a dedicated senior credit analyst and country analyst, further augmented by a broad external panel of forecasting and data providers. We believe this combination ensures that we truly understand our clients’ risks and thus can effectively manage their needs and our growing portfolio within a constantly changing political and economic global environment.

Our Product

We offer coverage of credit, political and political violence risks for banks, traders, exporters, contractors and corporations involved in direct investment and financing activities overseas.

Political Risk

We cover the unpredictable political risks to which foreign assets and investments are exposed but are beyond the control of our clients.

In addition to acts of war and terrorism, these risks include currency inconvertibility, seizure of assets, civil disturbances, embargoes, breach of contract and other types of political violence.

Private and Sovereign Credit Risk

We provide clients with protection against trade credit risk on privately-owned and government-owned counter parties. We cover defaults arising from both commercial and political risk events, which can include non-payment by a company or sovereign, non-honouring of a guarantee or letter of credit and unfair calling of on-demand bonds/guarantees. Our coverage can accommodate a wide variety of finance structures.

Our Capacity

We offer capacity up to $40M for up to 10 years non-cancelable policy periods on any one risk.


Peter Jenkins

Class Underwriter, Political Risk

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James Morrell

Class Underwriter - Credit Risk

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Senior Credit Risk Manager

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Elena Rodriguez

Assistant Underwriter

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Gary Burke


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Kostas Karayiannis

Credit Analyst

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Martin Thomas

Claims Manager

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Mike Barry

Head of Claims Global Property and Delegated Authority

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Paul Bender

Claims Specialist

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