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Legal Expenses

Our Legal Expenses insurance provides access to legal advice and covers the legal costs of pursuing or defending certain classes of legal action. We are a recognised leader for business in the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA and are developing other international territories in respect of before the event (BTE) business only.

Legal Expenses

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Available to individuals, companies and affinity groups, cover can either be provided on a Before the Event (BTE) basis – by adding cover to a household, motor, general commercial policy or as a members’ benefit of an affinity group (ie trade association) – or on an After the Event (ATE) basis, for certain types of legal actions.

ATE covers the other side’s costs for an event that has already occurred, such as a personal injury, contract dispute or insolvency litigation.

We write BTE legal expenses business for personal lines, commercial enterprises and affinity groups.

In the UK, our BTE and ATE business is primarily written through specialist legal expenses intermediaries, but we are looking to support brokers in developing BTE products to enhance their current general portfolios.

In all other territories we support general Lloyd’s approved intermediaries to enhance their product offerings on a retail and wholesale basis.

We also specialise in structured arrangements (through standalone or protected cell captives) for intermediaries, specialist agents and affinity groups, providing them with the opportunity to share in the underwriting results.

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Simon Middlewick

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