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Brit is recognised as a leading insurer in the Space arena. Since 1994 we have led and managed the Brit Space Consortium, offering bespoke policies for diligently selected satellite operators.


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Our team comprises some of the most experienced Space insurance specialists in the world. The nature of the insured risk requires a considerable breadth of experience and technical knowledge and we work closely with one of the world’s largest satellite operators, Telesat, who provide valuable technical expertise.

With the growth of applications such as HD television, broadband internet access through satellite and satellite imagery, this niche market is primed for growth. Meticulous attention is given to providing a bespoke wording for each risk. These can vary greatly depending on the type of satellite and its intended use.

Our Product


Launch insurance provides cover from lift-off of the launch vehicle – including testing of the spacecraft – and for in-orbit operations up to 365 days after launch. In-orbit testing commences after separation from the launch vehicle. This sees the satellite systems and components tested for operability. The remainder of the year’s coverage is devoted to normal in-orbit operations.

Our product provides cover for damage to or failure of the satellite. The technical nature of the industry means we evaluate every risk with the assistance of Telesat.


In-orbit insurance is a natural extension of the launch policy. It covers the satellite on an annual basis during its regular in-orbit operations. The design life of a spacecraft can be up to 15 years and cover is provided for damage to or failure of the satellite to provide communications capability, measured against its original specifications.

Our Capacity

Our maximum available capacity is US $51,750,000.


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